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Collaboration between Commercial Alliance owners and affiliates gives every new member a fast track in launching a successful business lending program.

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Member Perspectives

“Membership with Commercial Alliance grants us access to a team of experts that we would not be able to afford on our own. It would have been daunting from a cost and knowledge standpoint to enter commercial lending without Commercial Alliance.” –Rob Bava, CEO, Community Choice Credit Union


“Commercial Alliance provides the expertise and infrastructure without having to duplicate the service in your own credit union.” –Jim Schram, VP of Commercial Business, Alliance Catholic Credit Union




With a $500 million loan portfolio and 100+ credit union members, Commercial Alliance provides the strength of a cooperative network that helps mitigate risk for all participants.

Commercial Alliance’s membership is made of owners and affiliates who have full access to all services and team members. Owners serve as the main backers for Commercial Alliance and provide overall direction for the organization as members of our Board of Directors.


Alliance Catholic Credit Union

Community Choice Credit Union


Monroe County Community Credit Union

Omni Community Credit Union

Team One Credit Union

Commercial Alliance is currently serving 100+ credit unions in the State of Michigan in various capacities of member business lending.  We strive to treat every member of every credit union as if they were our own.