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March 2016 – Looking back on 2015, it was a very good year.  The Alliance booked over $150 million in new loans and saw our servicing portfolio grow to $400 million.  Of note, our sister company, CBS, introduced a number of their credit unions to our participation pool with great success!


Since inception, Commercial Alliance has provided comprehensive loan services to our credit unions, from training our members, to consulting, underwriting, documenting, and servicing business loans.  The experienced staff of Commercial Alliance with hundreds of years of cumulative experience continues to mitigate the inherent risks in business lending for our credit unions through our disciplined approach, combining that experience with clear process and procedure to address all the necessary back room functions.  This allows our credit unions to focus on developing these MBL relationships as well as being an integral part of their local business communities.


Looking forward to 2016, we are very excited.  Working with our sister company, CBS, we have greatly expanded our training curriculum and will expand it further in 2016.  Also, based on the growth at Commercial Alliance, driven by our credit unions, we are decreasing our service fee by over 13% on deals booked beginning 3/1/16!  This will leave an additional 10 basis points of return in our credit unions as we reap the benefit of economies of operating in this collaborative fashion.

Upcoming Events


Commercial Alliance will be participating at the 2016 MCUL AC&E being held Thursday and Friday, June 9th and 10th in the Renaissance Ballroom, Level 4 in the Detroit Renaissance Center.
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About Commercial Alliance


Commercial Alliance enables credit unions to offer business lending services to their members and communities. As a credit union service organization (CUSO), Commercial Alliance’s experienced team provides comprehensive infrastructure services for all business lending needs – from policy creation, underwriting, documenting, servicing, and ongoing loan administration.

Commercial Alliance member credit unions experience benefits including:

  • a new revenue channel
  • increased asset earnings
  • membership and deposit growth
  • mitigating inherent risks in business lending